At FoodE, we keep a close eye on all the latest food and drink industry trends. Here are five hot trends for 2023 and beyond, as reported at The Food & Beverage Trend Summit last year.  We’ve dived a little deeper so that you can make sure your business is ready: 

1. Restaurants are out, cooking is in!

The cost of living continues to rise, so eating out at restaurants and cafes is one of the first ‘luxuries’ to be cut back on. People are using their kitchens more than ever to create affordable meals, particularly recipes that use less energy too (for example, using the air fryer!). 

There has been an increase in demand for fresh produce and ingredients, especially the likes of ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables that are typically sold for less. People are also searching more for long lasting products such as preservatives, fermented foods and frozen food too.

2. Returning to reliability…

As exotic flavours and ingredients are becoming too expensive for many, there is a surge in reliable old favourites. Staples like pasta, common fruit & vegetables and family recipes are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Products that are oversaturated with chemicals and artificial ingredients are also on the way out as consumers become more aware of the health impacts, and are instead relying on real, natural products as much as possible. 

3. Withstanding the weather

There’s no hiding that the change of climate and weather conditions is having an impact on the food and drinks we see on the shelves. As a result, in the UK, leafy greens are being grown less than before and instead we are starting to grow figs, watermelons and even avocados! It’s also brought attention to farming methods and the need for new ways to produce products and meet demand. Hybrid crops are increasingly popular, designed specifically to withstand the changing climate. 

4. Don’t be in Digital Denial

It’s true, the world is heading deeper and deeper into a digital way of life. Sure, many people still appreciate shopping and going out, but it can’t be denied that you’d be missing out on heaps of potential customers without being online too. TikTok is a prime example of this as influencers and companies have taken to sharing new recipes, tutorials and their favourite dishes. These social media platforms allow you to share how your product can be versatile in use and engage easily with modern audiences. As a result, online shopping is positively booming and many businesses are trying to transform the digital shop experience into something unique by offering exclusive content and seamless design. 

5. Savouring those luxury moments…

While the cost of living may be high, there is still a craving for those moments of luxury and indulgence. This specifically relates more towards those things that people just can’t create at home… perfect pastries, difficult dishes and beverages such as wines, ciders and beers.  These ‘treats’ may be spent on less than before, but it makes it all the more important to choose the right one when you do. Consumers are researching brands more than before to make informed decisions, so make sure you tell your story and make it known what sets you apart from the competition. 

All in all, the cost of living may be creating waves in the food and drink industry but it’s how you utilise these changes that matters most. It’s key to remember that you may have to change and adapt the way you work as time goes on, but if you embrace this change you can find new and exciting ways to sell your products.  

Credit to TheFoodPeople Food & Beverage Trend Summit for a great session and for such valuable insights for 2023/24.

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