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November 2021

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7800 +

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A wide range of award-winning wines, ciders and juices produced in Kent and delivered nationwide, powered by FoodE and branded by Oak Creative.

An interview with Anne, Office and Marketing Co-Ordinator, Biddenden Vineyards

Since launching your FoodE website what results have you seen? 

Our new website with FoodE launched in October 2021, which set us in a really good position for peak Christmas sales.  The real results have been in the conversion rates and the fulfilment of online sales internally. 

We’re also starting to see a correlation between paid ads and our sales and our new site is robust and optimised for this kind of marketing.  We now have two landing pages, one for our juice and cider range and our wines. This was a strategic decision to help differentiate and push awareness of our cider range – it’s easier to direct customers to where they want to be which is perfect for paid advertising campaigns. 

What does your FoodE website allow you to do which you couldn’t do before? 

Our new site gives our customers a much better shopping experience.  As consumers ourselves we know how little attention spans we can have when shopping online, so we’ve added features to really help our customers find what they need fast. Our tasting notes slider clearly shows the key facts about each wine at a glance and the options to filter and sort products by category allows customers to easily find products by type and taste profile.

Our FoodE site is really smart – everything now links together and we’re really confident in its capabilities which is reassuring for the future. We’re constantly discovering new things we can do, such as adding gift message options or voucher codes, and we are continuing to find ways to optimise the site to work exactly how we want it to work.

One of the Biddenden team always has the FoodE dashboard open, which means we’re much closer to what’s happening with our online sales every day.  The content management system is really user friendly too which makes editing and uploading products simple. The training we received from FoodE was great so we’re confident to manage the site ourselves. 

Website Bestseller - Ortega 2022

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What is the best thing FoodE has done for your online sales process?

The time involved in processing online orders has significantly reduced due to the automation process. We can now export address labels from the website direct to DHL which has really sped up the process.  We still check each label to be sure they are formatted correctly for shipping and there is no missing information, but even with this quality control step, the time saved is significant. 

How have you found working with the FoodE team? 

The team at FoodE have been really accommodating and helpful.  Biddenden Vineyards were one of the first FoodE clients, so we worked really closely with the team to get everything working perfectly.  This involved some to-ing and fro-ing and some problem solving – but the team have been extremely supportive and guided us through the process.

What’s next for Biddenden Vineyards?

We will continue running seasonal campaigns and keeping a close eye on our sales dashboard so that we can react to trends we see forming. We might also explore the possibility of a trade log-in with FoodE. We already know there is the capability with FoodE, but it would require changing our current trade set up. 

Would you recommend FoodE to other vineyards who sell online?

Definitely! FoodE gives you much more than just a website. It’s a real tool you can use to understand and optimise your online sales and joins up the dots in your business.