FoodE creates suite of new cider labels for Biddies by Biddenden Vineyard

As the oldest commercial vineyard in Kent, Biddenden has forged a path for UK vineyards and it’s imperative that their brand represents this.  The family owned business also produces award winning ciders and fruit juices. They most recently launched three new and exciting fruit flavour ciders in their ‘Biddies’ range.

Why did FoodE help create product labels?

As well as delivering an industry leading e-commerce platform, FoodE also offers branding support specifically for food and drink businesses. We believe at the heart of every business is a brand, which is why it’s so crucial to communicate your brand via your product identity.

FoodE has helped Biddenden with their brand design for many years before this. Branding specialists Oak Creative (who designed and built FoodE) are a team of design professionals. They work with ambitious brands by providing them with creative resource and strategic input. Oak Creative has a 30 year history of helping businesses in Kent.

What is the process of creating a new product label?

It all starts with a brief which our design team then translates into reality. The brief for Biddies cider was to bring to life 3 exciting new fruit cider flavours created by Biddenden: Spartaruss, Elderpear and Berries.

Spartaruss combines Spartan and Russet apples, so a unique illustration artwork was created featuring a Spartan Soldier drinking cider, framed with apples. For the Berries flavour, it was decided to use a dark colour palette on to a black filled bottle – for maximum impact. A fresh and delicate colour way was produced for the Elderpear flavour.

The labels needed to fit the bottle size in the existing Biddies range. Artwork was supplied to a label manufacturer to their required specification for the bottle size.

The 3 new flavours were trialled at the Kent County Show 2023 and were a huge success.  They have subsequently gone into production and are now available to buy at Biddenden Vineyard on site farm shop or via their FoodE e-commerce website:

How does product labelling help with online sales?

Creating a label which quickly communicates your product and your brand is essential to catch your audience’s attention. When a customer finds your brand online, they may instantly recognise it due to the colours, fonts and brand personality. However there is a huge opportunity for them to learn more online by clicking onto the product listing.

Marketing Manager Jessica Banks says ‘It’s important that all brand touch points tell a consistent story about your brand, whether that be a label or website. Customers want to know who they are buying from and why. They want to see and feel authenticity in order to relate to you and choose your brand over others. The online experience needs to instil confidence, consistency and provide customers with a great experience, just as in a physical store.’

Need support with your food and drink branding?

Building a brand can be daunting, but we can help. Take a look at our branding support page to see exactly what FoodE can help your business to achieve. Biddenden Vineyard have worked with Oak Creative over the last 20 years to establish and develop their label design. As well as Biddies, the team has unified their wine labels into a classic, simple and high-end design across their range.

About Oak Creative and FoodE:

FoodE by Oak Creative is an e-commerce platform specifically for food & drink businesses.  With FoodE, you get a professional website AND a whole host of clever features to help boost sales. Find out more about Oak Creative.