Christmas is just around the corner (sorry!). At FoodE we’re passionate about helping indie retailers like you to make the most of your seasonal sales. Here are our top tips for maximising this festive time.

1. Embrace Black Friday

Black Friday is a great time to jump straight in with those Christmas sales. It’s no secret that this marks the day when many customers make a big dent in their Christmas shopping. Even if it’s not possible for your business to make massive reductions like the large corporations do, it’s best not to be totally left out. You could consider reduced shipping costs or clearing out certain products; whatever deal you choose, it is definitely a trend that should be jumped on!

Read our guide on Black Friday for indie retailers to learn more.

2. Fine tune your online store

Make sure your website is in perfect working condition. Why? It’s a golden opportunity to turn every visitor into a return customer. Customer convenience is your number one priority and ensure effective inventory tracking is in place. Create promotions, utilise wish lists and customise recommendations to further increase your sales. Additional options like being able to send a gift directly to a loved one’s house is a simple yet direct benefit to your audience at Christmas. All FoodE websites have these options built in as standard.

3. Christmas themed creations

Why not create a bespoke product just for the Christmas season? If you have the ability to, you absolutely should. Even just one limited time item can give long time customers a new taste of your business, and lure in new ones searching for those Christmas specialities! It can even be a chance for your business to try something a little different and experimental that you haven’t made before. Be bold, be brave and create something wonderful for your customers to talk about.

4. Seasonal promotions

Tying together the first few points, it is crucial at some stage to introduce some seasonal promotions. Setting Black Friday aside, Christmas is a time where people are on the hunt for great deals. Plus with the cost of living crisis in the UK, these promotions will be favoured by customers. You could offer vouchers, gift cards, bundle deals, free shipping, loyalty programmes, or abandoned cart recovery to entice customers to use your shop as a seasonal go to.

5. Collaboration

In the interest of offering unique gifts, why not collaborate with other businesses to create something special? For example, Christmas is a fantastic time to offer hampers! This can feature not only your own product, but also some from other local shops. Baskets and hampers make for excellent all-round gifts that are highly sought after. There is even scope to allow customers to create their own bespoke hampers. If you do offer some bundle deals or promotions, also consider adding the option for those to be used together in a hamper!

6. Personalised products

Adding the option to personalise gifts is a simple and effective way to make some extra sales. Not only can it offer some differentiation, it can create a more memorable experience and further engage your customers. Consider options such as gift wrapping, choosing ribbon colours or allowing the addition of a name or message. Another benefit of personalisation is the potential for more social media sharing and recognition when people recieve their bespoke gifts!

7. Limited edition packaging

Festive packaging creates an enhanced look for gift giving. Not necessarily on all of your products, maybe just your main few or seasonal limited editions. It creates extra appeal as they will look the part in any festive home, and means people may not even have to use wrapping. Consistent use of festive packaging over the years can also create a sense of tradition for customers. It also yet again can create more social media appeal, generating you some extra natural marketing.

8. Decorate that store of yours!

Yes, it seems obvious, but make sure you do it. Physical stores and online stores can both be decked out with Christmas theming. Physical shops can use decorations such as garlands, wreaths, baubles, holly, tinsel, trees etc. Online stores can be ‘decorated’ using Christmas themed graphic overlays, seasonal banners, pop ups and even animations. Embrace the seasonal traditions and have fun, so that your customers do too. The more ‘in the holiday spirit’ they feel, the more likely to make those purchases.

Kingcott Dairy prove as an excellent example of Christmas Shop decorating, showcasing some unique Christmas illustration additions, graphic overlays and a festive pop up.

Our Conclusion:

The holiday season offers numerous opportunities to boost your business and increase sales. From Black Friday & festive offers, to Christmas packaging and decoration. Remember though, it’s not just about making sales; it’s about creating a memorable and engaging experience for your customers.

Embrace the spirit, get creative, and watch your business flourish during the most wonderful time of the year.