E-Commerce is constantly evolving, so we’re taking a closer look at some of the trends 2023 has to offer!

1: Mobile is on the rise

A continuing trend from previous years, Mobile is really holding the fort. Not only are people using their phones to make purchases, they’re also using them for social engagement, adverts and chatting to sales reps. It’s more important than ever that your brand is mobile friendly… That includes your website! If your website doesn’t look good on a phone, you’re likely losing a lot of interest. Mobile accounts for 58.72% of web traffic on average (as of September 2022) and 80% of social media use (which may subsequently lead on to your site).

2: Artificial intelligence is taking over…

There is no arguing that AI is more prominent than ever before. You’re likely to have seen it just about everywhere from chatbots, to image generation and even voice generation. With this sudden rise, the market is getting washed out with AI generated content. Even though AI will likely have a place somewhere in your marketing plan, just remember that everyone else is doing the same. In this digital climate, it’s key to find ‘your voice’ and find what resonates with your customers on a deeper level. Find this, and you’ll know how to stand out from the crowd!

3: Subscribe for loyalty

Many brands are beginning to lean into a variety of subscription models. The reason they are becoming popular is a combination of inflation and economic instability, but it’s also creating a new sense of brand loyalty. From lifetime subscriptions, to shorter term ones, they have created a space where customers can lean into a brand they trust and stick with them. For food & drink businesses this could look something like regular shipments of certain products, monthly tasters/trials or maybe themed variety packages to encourage the purchasing of a particular products throughout the year.

4: Conversational Marketing

Whether you have a chatbot or a live agent, customers will benefit from having a place to contact your business with ease such as on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Given the chance to ask questions, find out more information and have a conversation, someone is more likely to complete a purchase with your business. This becomes an even higher chance if that customer can complete a purchase without having to leave the platform. “26% of marketers plan to use conversational marketing in 2023” – Sprout Pulse Survey

5: Seamless web experience

“60% of consumers abandon purchases due to poor website user experience” – Storyblok. We might say it a lot, but it really is so important to have a smooth running website! If your website has lots of errors, loads too slowly, looks old or clunky and isn’t super easy to navigate – people will leave. Many consumers don’t want to wait around or waste time trying to find what they’re after. With that in mind, offering a seamless web experience will welcome people in and entice them to stay and explore. To learn more about this, make sure to check out our blog about having an intuitive shopping experience.

6: Shopping in AR & VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have the potential to be completely game-changing in the world of E-Commerce. This up and coming trend has lots of room to grow yet, but you may want to start brainstorming those ideas. With this new technology customers can do things from trying on virtual clothing & placing furniture in their homes to exploring an entirely virtual ‘shop’ of yours… the possibilities will be endless! It’s not clear yet whether this trend will be more of a ‘fad’ than a continuing/growing trend for years to come, but it’s certainly a new and exciting adventure.

The conclusion:

The web is forever changing and evolving, so making sure that your e-commerce presence does too is vital. The key points are:

  • Mobile usage continues its upward trajectory, transforming smartphones into e-commerce hubs
  • Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, so make sure you don’t fall into the trap of over-using it (stay real!)
  • Subscription models are creating a wave of brand loyalty
  • Chatting directly to customers increases personalisation & grows connections
  • Having a seamless website experience is non-negotiable for customer retention & purchases
  • AR & VR will carve out new ways to shop and engage with a brand

Don’t know where to start? Leave it to the experts at FoodE! We will always ensure your website works seamlessly on all devices and is optimised to help bring in those sales. Chat to us today to find out more.