Black Friday is a phenomenon which has become important to retailers across the globe. 

But what does it mean for Indie retailers, artisan producers and smaller businesses? When times are hard and margins are shrinking, can these retailers even begin to compete with large retailers?

The answer is yes.  It may not suit your brand to be lured in by the Black Friday frenzy, but that’s exactly where the differentiation occurs.  Consumers value the brand ethos of artisan producers.  They enjoy the story that goes with an artisan product. They are keen to support their local retailers. 

FoodE believes there are a few ways you could boost your sales during this time, to all customer types: 

Give people a reason to buy – new customers often need a little nudge to make that first purchase.  Give them a ‘reason’ such as a special offer or extra gift on their first purchase. Signing up to a newsletter is frequently used, but can you do more than that?

Don’t forget us – some customers may just need a gentle reminder that they can return to you OR buy your products online. Great for repeat purchases or to share favourites with family or friends as Christmas gifts. 

Fear of missing out – run a limited time only offer that your avid fans will love.  This doesn’t have to be pressurised or hard sell, simply an offer which your customers don’t want to miss out on because they know how good it is! 

Build your brand – educating your audience is never to be underestimated.  The opportunity to tell more of your story, increase your brand footprint to increase your reach is very powerful for future sales. 

Did you know the FoodE team are also experienced with building brands and have been for 30 years over at Oak Creative? See our brand support page for more details.