Bread & Butter

Date Launched

November 2022

Products Sold


Fine quality award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oils, blended rapeseed oils, dressings and mayonnaises.

Why the new website?

The Kentish Oils and Condiments website had served its purpose after 5 years of being live. It was initially a quick, affordable win as the business had grown and needed a solid and reliable branded solution to support the business and its expanding goals. Having seen the benefits of the FoodE on the Kent Crisps website, the team were keen to move Kentish Oils over to the system immediately.

What was the goal of the new website?

To enable online sales for both direct customers and trade. Also, to champion the brand’s use of local, natural ingredients.

What was the process of launching a new FoodE website?

Kent Oils supplied branding assets, imagery and additional, updated written content to the FoodE team. A CSV file of products was also provided, and was instantly uploaded into the FoodE system. Product imagery was uploaded to the site and once the Kentish Oils team was completely happy with the test server version, we launched the website.

What operational benefits will FoodE bring to Kentish Oils and Condiments?

FoodE will enable Kentish Oils and Condiments to integrate their business systems with their e-commerce website, saving precious time and resources.  Synchronisation of the stock management system with FoodE allows full sight of stock levels. Integrated accountancy and automated marketing suggestions on the FoodE dashboard means the Kentish Oils team will never be short of new marketing ideas for their products.

Kentish Oils and Condiments are very excited for the future of the website and to build the brand and sales on a solid, intelligent e-commerce platform.

What is next for Kentish Oils?

The new FoodE system will allow Kentish Oils and Condiments to develop a B2C database and leverage the marketing opportunities. They’ll utilising the FoodE dashboard to understand shopping habits, developing incentives to engage with their audience.

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