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June 2020

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Kingcott Dairy are award-winning farmhouse cheesemakers and dairy farmers.

Why did Kingcott Dairy need a new website?

Kingcott needed to make the leap into online sales – their award-winning products had been flying off the shelves for years, so it was time to make them available to a hungry digital market. Kingcott Dairy wanted all of their cheeses available to buy online in a variety of sizes, with optional add ons – FoodE was the ideal platform for this.

What was the goal of the new website?

The goal of the new website was simple: Allow online transactions and give the website a refresh in line with their brand and their principles. A local stockists map was also put in place, allowing users to check where they could purchase in person.

The team at Kingcott Dairy were very happy to leave the technical stuff to the FoodE team, but provided product descriptions and supplied high-quality product photography.

What was the process of launching a new FoodE website?

Kingcott supplied a csv file of their products, descriptions and prices which we were able to instantly upload into the FoodE system. A dropbox of photography was shared with us, and once we’d applied photos to products we shared the dev site with the team. After a few tweaks, we were ready to launch.

What operational benefits will FoodE bring to Kingcott Dairy?

Stock management will be a great benefit – as well as hard data on what is selling and at what time of year. The Christmas market is especially of interest, and seeing which packages work best.

What is next for Kingcott Dairy?

Sustainable cheesemaking and responsible farming is at the heart of what they do, so having an efficient e-commerce website that will identify areas for improvement around the business is a real win for everyone.

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