It’s no secret. Christmas is king when it comes to sales.

In days gone by lavish displays, aisles of decorations and big shopping events were all the norm in shops to make the most of peak season.  

However, post-pandemic Covid, the shopping game has changed.

Trends such as buying local and supporting indies are here to stay.  Consumers demand sustainability, convenience and quick turnaround times. The online shopping market has been propelled miles ahead of where it was pre-pandemic; 67% of shoppers plan to buy more from online marketplaces this Christmas (financesonline). 

We have got a list of reasons why it’s important to hone your online presence before the festive season arrives:

First impressions are everything

Links to products will be shared in the run up to Christmas: Via group chats, email or added to Christmas lists.

Your digital footprint is far greater than your online sales, so your website needs to make a cracking first impression.  A professional website which is easy to find, loads quickly and has clear navigation are musts.

Tell your story

Your story is the key difference between you and a big faceless money-making juggernaught like Amazon.

Without your story on your website, no one will ever know that your business started with just a few homemade bottles in your garage! These real stories build brands and emotional connections. Make sure your story is ready when visitors arrive.

Love Local 

Sending Christmas gifts with geographic relevance is thoughtful and supports local.

Your website presence gives people the opportunity to find you and buy from you.  Perhaps they holidayed near you, have special memories from a place nearby or found your products at a farmers market. Never assume that people who aren’t local to you don’t want to buy from you – make sure they can find you online!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Make sure it’s easy to buy things on your website! 

This might sound like an obvious one, but consumers have a huge choice online and a very short attention span. You need clear pricing and product info, with an easy user journey to convert browsers to shoppers.

All the glory

Prioritising getting visitors to your own website allows you to cut out any third party commissions or fees.

When they visit your website, you can direct them to your mailing list sign up or encourage a follow on your social media accounts. The direct and indirect benefits of website traffic is huge and gives you all the glory which you’ve worked so hard to get to.

We know that getting your business online and keeping it up to date can be a daunting task, but do not fear: we are here to help! With FoodE you can make ales whilst telling your own unique story. 

Sign up for a FoodE demo today and see how you can get selling for Christmas and beyond.