“If a website is not working correctly or simply not offering an excellent user experience (UX), visitors will often leave a website in a matter of seconds with no intention to return” (justcreative.com).

Simply having a website is no longer the benchmark. Potential customers can be pushed away by bad design and usability. You now not only need a website, but you need a website that functions perfectly & looks beautiful. It should also offer the shopper a secure shopping experience that makes them want to return to your business.

So, what can you do?

There are a few key points that can totally change the way a potential customer views and experiences your site. We’ve curated a list of some of these to help make your online shopping experience more intuitive! 

  1. Easy navigation is a must. The customer needs to be able to find the item they are searching for without having to jump through lots of hoops.
  2. Fonts are very important. The fonts you use need to be easy to read, and be an appropriate size too. Remember accessibility…
  3. Your products need to shine. Ensure that photos of your product are visually aesthetic and do your brand justice. Also make sure that photos clearly showcase one product, unless it is for a bundle. 
  4. Mobile friendly websites are winning. As more people shop on their phones, your site needs to be just as easy to navigate on mobile as it is on desktop. Google ranks websites using the quality and speed of the mobile site first. 
  5. Keep it clean. Don’t bombard users with unnecessary visuals, text or pop ups. If the customer feels overwhelmed or attacked with too many extras, they will likely leave your site with a negative first impression. 

Feeling a bit lost?

If you don’t know where to start, then why not leave it to us here at FoodE? You could have a website that works perfectly, looks great and showcases your very own amazing products. Not only do we make it easy to use for your customers, but we make it easy to use for yourself too!

We have features that allow for automated processes, bite sized data summaries and ongoing support from the FoodE team… Why not book a demo today to see for yourself what a FoodE site could do for you?