Our latest FoodE blog begins with a trip down memory lane to marvel at how much web design has progressed. We look at what makes a great website and glimpse at trends shaping the future of web experiences. If terms like UX and UI make you feel out of your depth, allow FoodE to guide you gently through what makes a great website and how we got here! 

In the beginning…

As we reminisce about the early days of the internet, it’s hard not to appreciate the leaps and bounds by which web design has evolved. From the neon-drenched, Flash-powered pages of the 1990s to the sleek, user-centric interfaces of today, the journey has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The transition from clunky, table-based layouts to dynamic, responsive designs marks a pivotal shift in how we interact with digital spaces. Today, a website is not just an online advert but a comprehensive platform that embodies a brand’s identity and ethos. 

What’s next for web design? 

As we peer into the future, there are some very cool trends emerging. Glassmorphism and immersive scrolling suggest an even more interactive and engaging web experience. The use of semi-transparent elements, 3D interactions, and playful micro-interactions are setting the stage for websites that are not just seen but experienced. The integration of AI is also reshaping our approach to web design, making it more experimental, personalised, and efficient.

Apple’s visionOS and the advent of animated icons in iOS17 hint at a future where design is not just about looks but about creating a dynamic and interactive offering. The emergence of dark mode and the resurgence of neon colours suggests that user comfort and visual appeal are a priority. 

So, what makes a great website? 

Consumers’ expectations of a website have been redefined in recent years. In a world dominated by smartphones, a website’s mobile responsiveness is another non-negotiable. 

FoodE designer George Holness says: “Beyond the visual appeal, the functionality and usability of a website is crucial to its success on desktop or mobile. The challenge for designers and engineers is to marry great design with impeccable functionality, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices.”

The demand for seamless, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing websites is higher than ever. The user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) have become imperative – but they don’t have to be complicated or expensive. As consumers, we can all resonate with slow loading speeds or difficult to navigate websites – it is frustrating to say the least. We quickly abort our mission in favour of another, quicker and simpler web experience. Our customers will do exactly the same. 

FoodE’s conclusion 

A great website will constantly evolve, adapt, and resonate with its audience. FoodE websites allow businesses to do exactly this, hassle free. FoodE is an affordable and trusted website option which gives your customers a professional, high end web experience. Plus as a business you get a whole host of extra functions behind the scenes to streamline your business operations – think courier and accountancy integration. Because, we know it’s all about making life easier for you and your customers!