What does the monthly aftercare include?

We have an ongoing maintenance fee of £65 + VAT after your initial 12 months. This allows us to ensure everything is kept up to date, secure and functioning properly so your customers still receive a great service. You’ll also get continued access to our friendly team for any questions you might have.

After the 12-month package, do I have to continue with the monthly support fee?

We strongly advise you take us up on our very competitive monthly support fee (£65 + VAT).  This small charge ensures your website is working perfectly at all times, is safe and secure and your customers always get the best experience. However if you prefer not to continue with the payments, any website maintenance costs will be chargeable separately.

Which FoodE Package is best for me?

It depends on what stage of growth your business is at and what features are important to you. FoodE prices start from £399+VAT per month for 12 months, £65+VAT per month thereafter.  

View our packages and prices here . Talk to one of our team, book in a meeting here.

I already have a domain name – is it ok to use that?

Yes! If you have an existing domain name and hosting, and they meet the minimum requirements to support WordPress + WooCommerce + FoodE then we can get up and running no problem. Get in touch to find out more about the minimum requirements.

Will my site work on mobile?

Yes. Your website will work beautifully on mobile. 

We design for mobile first as it’s the most popular device for browsing. Your site will also work wonderfully on desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

Is it possible to have a trade account area?

Absolutely! You can set up trade accounts with logins, so those specific items are hidden from regular visitors. Trade accounts will see different rates to the public. This is available as part of our Michelin Starred package. With everyone becoming more reliant on technology, it is a great addition to allow shop owners to place orders with you, anytime.

What does a bespoke web design mean?

It means we will design the website specifically for your needs, matching your brand. Not from a pre-purchased template: this is YOUR shop front. We will discuss what you need and present designs for you to approve.

What happens when somebody buys one of my products online – what exactly do I need to do?

Payment will be processed. The customer will receive an email with details of their order.  You will receive an automatic email to inform you of the new order. 

The linked courier service will generate a packing slip/label and tracking information. Then simply pack your products and hand them over to the courier.

Then simply pack your products and hand them over to the courier.

Does it matter if I don’t already sell online?

No, FoodE will work straight away and help you get set-up to sell online. If you do already have a website we can integrate with and supercharge it! 

If you have an existing domain name and hosting, and they meet the minimum  requirements to support WordPress + WooCommerce + FoodE then we can get up and  running no problem. 

If you don’t yet have a domain name or hosting, or need to upgrade or switch providers,  then we can manage the setup for you as we know how much of a pain it can be!

What are the benefits of WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a solid, tried and tested eCommerce platform for WordPress, used by millions across the globe. It is free, reliable, and highly extensible, meaning we can enhance and improve it with additional functionality and integrate with other services – which is exactly what we’ve done!

Why does FoodE use WordPress for its websites?

We’ve got decades of experience building and working with WordPress websites and know the platform inside-out. It is the most user-friendly and widely-used content management system available, and our skills and experience allow us to customise it to make the perfect eCommerce platform for Food and Drink businesses. Additionally, WordPress is free and open source software, meaning no restrictive licenses or additional monthly costs.

Is FoodE like Shopify?

Shopify is a closed eCommerce system, allowing you to sell things online for a monthly subscription and transaction fee in a controlled online-only environment. 

FoodE is more versatile, offering greater functionality and integration with third-party and offline services and software, with a more efficient online sales system that sets your business up for growth. FoodE eliminates wasteful office processes, frees up your staff and provides intelligent tools to help you sell online. We DO NOT take a percentage from each sale and are fully transparent about costs.